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D-rise ampoule (cholecalciferol 200,000 IU/ml)
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Cholecalciferol 200,000 IU/1ml, injectable solution IM in ampoule.


D-rise is an Intramuscular injection solution contains cholecalciferol which is indicated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin D3 deficiencies like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, hypocalcaemia, tetany and rickets.


  • Each 1ml ampoule contains 5 mg (200,000 IU) of Cholecalciferol.
  • Once every 3 months is effective to maintain adequate level of vitamin D.
  • One of the most important active metabolites of vitamin D.
  • Safe and well tolerable.
  • Used as prophylaxis or treatment of vitamin D deficiency.
  • Essential for normal bone growth and development.
  • Effective in improving vitamin D3 level in patients with type 2 diabetes more that the oral route.
  • Higher patient compliance compared to oral route.
  • Doesn't require a strict regimen.
  • Cost-effective treatment.
  • safe for children and adults
  • available in two pack size (10 ampoules and 1 ampoule)
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