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Mission & Vision
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Sana Pharma Vision:

Sana Pharma, the leading pharmaceutical company in development, registration, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, as first generics, differentiated generics and value-added medicine.


Sana Pharma, the preferred licenser and technology transfer partner to pharmaceutical companies in Jordan, MENA region and Europe.


Sana Pharma Mission:

· To provide the healthcare sector with innovative health products and solutions.


· To add value to other pharmaceutical companies in the region and Europe through licensing medicinal products and technologies.


· To provide high quality analytical services through our ISO 17025, 2005 qualified laboratories to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


· Sana pharma is committed to impartiality and confidentiality of client information and data.


· Sana pharma believes in product quality as corner stone for health care and business sustainability