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Sana Pharma has a site of total area of 2,500 square meters. It includes the following:

  • Pilot scale manufacturing site.
  • Wet lab.
  • Balance room.
  • Instrumental lab.
  • Chromatography lab.
  • Stability room.




Sana Pharma is equipped with qualified instruments for testing of all dosage forms. The lab is equipped many advanced HPLC systems (PDA, gradient, with cooling & heating options for column and auto sampler). In addition to spectrophotometers, particle size analyzer (microscope with camera), dissolution systems, disintegration, friability, and hardness testers, moisture analyzer, Karl-Fischer apparatus and accurate analytical balances. All instruments at Sana Pharma are subjected to scheduled calibration program according to Sana Pharma quality system.


The lab-scale area for solid dosage forms is equipped with advanced drive motor with various attachments for all pharmaceutical operation linked to the motor through universal gear. The laboratory is also equipped with liquid mixing/homogenizing machines for preparation of liquid dosage forms.


Sana Pharma pilot area is prepared with pilot scale machineries that include:

  • Rapid shear mixer granulator (GMP model).
  • Rotary, 8 station tablet press with force feeding and pre-compression feeding options.
  • Semi automatic blistering machine.