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Sana Pharma CSR in COVID-19 pandemic
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Sunday, March 15, 2020

As a part of the corporate social responsibility to save our counrty and beloved people during the pandemic of coronavirus, Sana Pharma has decided to:

• Grant the right to manufacture its sanitizing and disinfecting products, such as Sana gel for many companies and agencies, free of charge, to help provide these products in the market and meet the growing demand of citizens. 

• Using company sites at social media to support government plans calling the public to take safety measures against COVID-19.

• Sana pharma is the first company in the Middle East that introduced SanaSeptic (a long acting surface disinfectant) to the market and decided to keep 50% of the product stock for donation, which has been done in two ways:

* To provide sufficient quantities for Public hospitals such as King Abdalla Hospital in the north of Jordan and King Hussain center for cancer.

* Sending a specialized team to disinfect governmental institutions in northern Amman using SanaSeptic solution, which includes Shafa Badran municipality, Police center, Vehicle licensing center and Balqa university branch at north Amman