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B.Sc. Pharmacy, M.Sc. Pharmaceutical technology

  • - With more than twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical research.
  • - Deep knowledge and experience of analytical methods development, validation, pre-formulation, stability testing, and scaling up of products.
  • - Key knowledge and experience of regulatory filing including CTD dossiers preparation and response to regulatory inquiries.
  • - Good knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights issues related to formulation and registration processes.
  • - Author and co-author in several publications in reputable pharmaceutical journals.
Samer M. Najjar
General Manager


B.Sc. Pharmacy, M. Phil., JPA

Dr Saed unfortunately passed away two years ago leaving his ambitions, professionalism, responsibility and spirit for us at Sana Pharma to take further into the future. He is still with us all, every day.

  • - He had an Intensive marketing experience at regional level (MENA), Near East, Indian subcontinent, Far East and Europe.
  • - Uncompromised ethics and transparent communications which underpinned the business-focused value proposition that facilitate competitiveness via high standard service.
  • - He was a result oriented professional with leadership skills, skilled in bridging differences between diverse agenda and directing them to a common goal, in unifying team efforts and optimizing its dynamics, and harnessing strategic and operational drivers to achieve the desired goals.
  • - Eager to execute a stretched role that involved planning, adding for growth, subtracting for profit, improvement of business processes and broad understanding of competitiveness that consequently altered the status quo of our business.
Saed Abu Yahia (RIP)
Former Business Development Manager