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B.Sc. Applied Chemistry

  • - Analytical Method Validation for FDA Compliance “The Center for Professional Advancement, Amsterdam Netherlands.
  • - ISO-13485 training by PUM senior expert of Netherlands.
  • - Participation (Method of Analysis Development) in the 5th Scientific Congress of the Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab World & the 2nd International Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy “New Millennium, New Horizons in Pharmaceutical Sciences”.
  • - Research & Development Section Head at Dar Al Dawa.
  • - Quality Control Manager at Dar Al Dawa.
  • - 10 years of experience in analysis development and validation.
  • - Good experience on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • - Good experience in HPLC,GC ,UV/VIS spectroscopy, IR ,melting point ,thin layer chromatography, atomic absorption dissolution test, disintegration and hardness friability test.
  • - Good experience on stability testing of drug product and method of analysis development and validation according to ICH guideline.


Mohammad Al Far
Quality Director

B.Sc. Pharmacy

  • - 13 years of experience in registration and regulatory departments at Joswe medical and Tabuk Pharma.
  • - Expert in CTD files preparation (Common Technical Documents) and EU regulations.
  • - Excellent experience in registration requirements in MENA region.
  • - Good Knowledge and experience of regulatory filing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, herbal drugs and /or Herbal preparations and cosmetic products at regulated and non-regulated markets.
  • - Excellent experience and knowledge of documentation and archiving.
  • - Expert in Pharmacovigilance and post marketing surveillance.
  • - Excellent experience in preparing Expert reports (Modules 2, 4 and 5).
Raefeh Yasin
Regulatory Affairs Manager

B.Sc. Pharmacy, Mini-MBA Certificate

  • - 5 years of experience in regulatory department.
  • - Very good experience in preparation of regulatory documents and submissions.
  • - Expert in registration of cosmetics, cosmoceuticals, medical devices and medicinal products in MENA region.
  • - Prepare responses to customer requests for information such as product data, written regulatory affairs statements, surveys and questionnaires.
  • - Excellent experience and knowledge of documentation and archiving.
 Aseel Al-Qudah
Regulatory Affairs Supervisor

B.Sc. Chemistry

  • - Ten years of analytical chemistry experience that includes materials Analysis, finished products, stability studies, method development, and validation.
  • - Three years of Lab supervision within the pharmaceuticals research field.
  • - Training programs with many scientific Institutions in the included: HPLC, Time management, Communication skills, and QA -QC.
  • - Good knowledge of a wide variety of instrumental techniques in terms of operation, qualification, and maintenance.
  • - Expert with: HPLC, Uv-Vis, TLC, Dissolution, basic bench techniques (Titration, pH meter, balances, etc…).
  • - Good Knowledge  with USP, BP, EP, ICH guidelines, GLP, GMP, and regulations.
Eman Jamal
Quality Control Section Head

B.Sc. Accounting, Banking and Finance Diploma, Mini-MBA Certificate

  • - Ten years of experience in preparing financial statements, business activity reports and forecasts.
  • - Good experience in monitoring financial details to ensure that legal requirements are met.
  • - Good experience in reviewing company financial reports and seek ways to reduce costs.
  • - Good Experience in analyzing market trends to find opportunities for expansion or for acquiring other companies.
Mohammed Al Bdour
Financial Manager


B.Sc. Applied Chemistry

  • - 9 years of experience in analytical laboratories and Quality System.
  • - Good Experience in Managing Quality Management System according ISO-17025 and GMP requirements.  
  • - Good experience in leading the internal audit program to ensure the quality management system is compliant, effective and reduces risk.
  • - Good experience in implementing policies and processes to support mission objectives.
  • - Good experience in investigate the problems and troubleshoot and found the suitable corrective /Preventative action.
  • - Good Experience in handling External assessment and manage non-conformities cases.
  • - Good knowledge in submit feedback on systems performance and handling complaint from clients.
Hala AL-Khawaja
Quality Assurance Section Head

B.Sc. Biotechnology

  • - 4 years of experience in microbiological laboratories.
  • - Working under JFDA requirements.
  • - Excellent experience in Microbiological and GLP analysis of cosmetics and medical devices.
  • - Excellent experience in validation of microbiological tests.
  • - Excellent experience in documentation, issuing SOPS and protocols according to GDP requirements.  
Nesrin Shishtawi
Senior Analyst

B.Sc. Nursing

  • - 9 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals quality assurance system. 5 years of them as quality assurance supervisor at Jerash  Pharmaceuticals company.
  • - 3 years of experience in GMP consultation for Cosmetics and medical devices factories regarding to GMP and FDA requirements and regulations.
  • - 3 years of experience in GDP consultation for drug stores regarding to GDP and supply chain regulations and requirements.
  • - Good knowledge of Quality, GMP, GDP, FDA, supply chain and QA Requirements and applications.
  • - Good knowledge of ISO 13485 & ISO9001 requirements and application.
  • - Good knowledge in Pharmaceuticals Industrial Systems.
  • - Good knowledge of cleaning validation system, process system, Quality risk assessment system and validation master plan.
  • - Good command of statistical analysis.
  • - Good management, communications and negotiating skills with leadership abilities.
Anas Awad
Quality Assurance Manager